MatchSavings introduces the Incentivized Savings Account (ISA).

It’s the savings account that rewards your efforts to save. When you save money, you can earn incentives.

How It Works

You need more than a savings account. You need peace of mind with robust savings.

Increase financial stability

Having a well-funded emergency savings account for unanticipated expenses, plus having other savings for short and mid-term purchase needs is a fundamental step of financial wellness.

Reduce financial stress, increase productivity

Studies show that financial stress affects work performance and our relationships, both professional and personal.

Increase happiness

92% of Americans correlate their level of happiness to having their finances in order. Source


It makes good business sense to help your employees save money. American businesses lose $500 billion annually due to personal financial strains. This figure accounts for 13-18% of total payroll costs being lost to absences, lost productivity, and turnover as the result of financial stress. Source

For Employers


The convenience of systematic payroll deduction means your savings goals get prioritized. Some employers offer to match a portion of your savings, helping you accumulate an emergency fund and reach your savings goals even faster.

For Employees

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