MatchSavings is a convenient, systematic savings method to accumulate money for emergencies and other objectives.

Break the cycle and get ahead with sufficient savings for unanticipated expenses. Start the habit of saving consistently and reap the rewards of less financial stress.

  • Two-thirds of Americans report being sometimes or consistently stressed by not having basic finances in order. Source
  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Source
  • 4 in 10 Americans lack savings to cover a $400 unplanned expense. Source
  • Living financially stressed is unproductive and costly. Source

Why MatchSavings?

Convenient payroll deduction helps you prioritize savings.

We encounter tempting ways to spend money daily. At the end of the day, there rarely seems to be anything left to save. By saving first, we spend less randomly and make better consumer decisions.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI) over traditional savings accounts, especially when employers offer matching contributions.

If your employer matches a portion of your savings...booyah!!...that’s the secret sauce!  Plus earn a competitive interest rate (higher interest earnings than the average bank savings account). Low cost investment options will soon be available.

Save money by borrowing less.

71% of American credit card holders do not pay off their balances each month and pay more than 16% average annual interest rate. Some pay over 400% annualized interest rate by accessing payday loans. MatchSavings works to curb habits of living on credit. Source

Set or update the amount you want to save via payroll deduction without having to fill out forms or see your employer.

Your MatchSavings account is set up and controlled by you online or through the mobile app. You determine how much you want your employer to payroll deduct and deposit to your savings account. No permission needed. No forms to fill out.

Access to your savings balance and target goals at your fingertips.

Check your balance, activity, progress, and investment performance anytime. You can take withdrawals anytime without completing forms or seeing your employer. It’s your money, even if you leave your employer. If your employer offers a time-based incentive match, you would forgo future interval matches on the portion withdrawn before match interval dates are reached.

Set your own Emergency Savings goal, short-term savings goals and mid-term savings goals.

MatchSavings will help you track your progress toward goals and encourage you along the way. It's more like a savings plan than a savings account.

Get started with MatchSavings today

Whether you are an employee seeking an efficient and robust savings vehicle, or an employer seeking a more financially stable workforce, let MatchSavings help you get there.

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